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Airport Shuttle Services

Ask almost any traveler what the most frustrating experience they have had is and you will likely hear a story about missing a flight.  There are very few things that can be as disruptive to your travel plans as not being on the flight you booked.  The delay will likely be hours long and it may also be very costly.

Mears Global has been in the transportation industry since 1939.  Our professional and courteous staff will make sure you get to the airport on time.  We know all the tips and tricks for getting to and from the airport and use them to make sure our customers are where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Below is some helpful information about Washington Dulles International Airport:

Passenger Airlines:

Airline Contact
Aeroflot 888-686-4949
Aero Mexico 800-237-6639
Air France 800-237-2747
ANA Sky Web 800-235-9262
American Airlines 800-433-7300
Austrian Airlines 800-843-0002
Avianca 800-284-2622
British Airways 800-247-9297
Cayman Airways 800-422-9626
Copa Airlines 800-359-2672
Delta 800-221-1212
Emirates 800-777-3999
Ethiopian Airlines 800-445-2733
Etihad Airways 877-690-0767
Icelandair 877-435-9423
JetBlue 800-538-2583
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 800-225-2525
Korean Air 800-438-5000
Lufthansa 800-645-3880
Porter 888-619-8622
Qatar Airways 877-777-2827
Saudia Skyteam 800-472-8342
South African Airways 800-722-9675
Southwest 800-435-9792
SAS 800-221-2350
Sun Air International 877-849-4998
TACA 800-400-8222
Turkish Airlines 800-874-8875
United Airlines 800-864-8331
US Airways 800-428-4322
Virgin America 877-359-8474
Virgin Atlantic 800-862-8621

Parking Information:

HOURLY PARKING LOT - Located directly in front of the Main Terminal within walking distance. Ideal for stays of less than 2 hours. Rates:

  1. $4 per hour or fraction
  2. $36 maximum for 24 hours.

VALET PARKING LOT - Located within the Hourly Parking Lot, also directly in front of Main Terminal. No reservations necessary. Phone number 703-572-4540. Rates:

  1. $30 for the first 24 hours
  2. $19 for each additional day

DAILY GARAGE 1 and 2 - Both garages are connected to the Main Terminal by covered walkways. There is also free Shuttle Service 24/7. Easy vehicle access from the circular roadway in front of the Main Terminal. Rates:

  1. $4 per half hour or fraction
  2. $17 maximum for 24 hours.

ECONOMY PARKING LOT - Includes the Blue, Green, Gold and Purple sections. Located away from the Main Terminal and served by free shuttles 24/7. The lot is easily accessed from the Dulles Access Highway. Follow the signs to "Economy Parking." Rates:

  1. $5 per hour or fraction
  2. $10 maximum for 24 hours.